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Checkout Our Hand Selected Auction Agents And Read Our Important Information Here. There Are Many Out There Claiming To Be Registered Car Buyers From Japan That Use A 3rd Party To Buy Their Cars.

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Dec 24
So just what is a certified Japan auction trader?

In Japan like many other countries you have a group of specialized companies that form…

Dec 13
About USS Ninja Auction!

Group, Mirive, CAA, and USS Japan. These auctions are mostly growing in size with USS…

Jan 01
Which Auction Agent Should I Decide Upon?

Becoming an auction agent here in Japan is not exactly hard work at the beginning. All…

Every One Is After Ninja But Not Everyone Can Have It.

We need to buy cars from an auction
Ninja is here! USS Ninja is an exclusive vehicle listing service from USS Japan Auction. There are limited numbers of places available and only a few Japanese based Dealers and Exporters have access to Ninja. Ninja provides the user with many additional photos of each car ( 6 to 20 ) and faster loading times which is invaluable in today's modern social networking community. Apply here for your Ninja and we will pass on the details to a recommended Agent or Dealer.

Be ahead of the competition with NInja

Kumiko Aoki

We are not auction agents but yes we are associated with some members. We do not endorse any members as each listing must stand on its own.

Not all listings are deemed as certified. Some dealers list their business before we are offered the chance to certify them 100%. Until you see the certification badge we recommend using someone who has this badge already

No you do not need to be based in Japan to advertise but you need to advertise in the Car Broker - Importer section

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