About Us

Firstly welcome to our website and about us

Always a pressing question that users need to know is about who or whom they are indeed dealing with. But before we get that far we want to explain just how this website came about and what it is we aim to do.

About Us & How To Become Certified

Japanese Used Car Exports

We are first and foremost a Japanese based and owned company. Our roots in the automotive business go back some 35 years or more when exporting and importing used cars from Japan was in its infancy. There was no internet and only a handful of large auto dealers in Japan were actively Exporting cars. People still thought that Japanese cars were no better than a sewing machine on four wheels.

The Internet

The internet has now changed everything within our lives and also the Japanese Automotive industry which has now boomed due to mass demand, production, and quality of product with an acceptable purchase price for the end-user.

Japanese used cars are in huge demand from emerging countries and also countries that did not have access to some of the better Japanese Domestic Market cars which are normally of a higher option grade.

Buyers can now simply open their phone or laptop and type in a search term that will spew out pages of advertisers’ listings on Google and Yahoo or whatever browser you are using.

Who Are You Actually Dealing With?

It’s great that the search engines are sending you all these results in split-second times. But the big question is this! Do you really know who it is that you are dealing with? We search the term “used cars from Japan” and some of the pages related to car brokers in Australia and the USA not to mention some dubious-looking websites that have not been updated for years.

How does this happen that searching for cars from Japan will return such results? The answer is quite simple. Google is the main dog in the search arena calls the shots and the others follow. Google will rate a website on its age, quality of information, structure, social networks, linking, descriptions, content, media, and how many people go there. Sometimes they don’t even follow their own rules and will display a website that has on 1 page and zero content. We found a website recently just like this and it changed us completely.

Our goal is to limit these websites that are nothing more than a FACEBOOK Page, TWITTER account, or someone’s uncle with a website showing cars from Japan.

Certified Or Verified.

The website we found was based in Toronto Canada and you would swear to look at the webpage that they are a Japanese-based auction agent. They didn’t have a contact page, about page, or terms. Their popularity is staggeringly increasing and they are not based in Japan. Hats off to them but it is these types of companies that screw it up for legitimate Japanese Car Traders and Importers who are doing the hard yards. With the speed of the internet, a bad review from a poor quality website in Toronto could tarnish the reputation of many good Japanese car dealers.

Our goal is to offer affordable advertising to dealers and traders who have legitimate automotive business firstly in Japan and secondly abroad. Our focus is a Japan first based service. All our dealer listings are checked and certified before their listings are posted. They must also have 2 years of trading history and show their trading license.

Once the dealer passes our checks they will receive our verification tag. It’s also vital for them to have this as a trusted partner so they will try to obtain it.


Buyers Priority

In reality, you as a buyer are not our customers but you are the people keeping the wheels of the car industry in Japan rolling. Our customer is the dealer who chooses to advertise here. If they do advertise they are part of a select group that you as a car buyer can feel safe dealing with. You in the end have all the priority. We want you to know your car provider and have a face to contact.

Who Are We

We are based in Japan and want to improve a little bit how cars are exported from Japan and ensure everyone has a level & safe playing field. We like rugby, fishing, fast cars, education, transparency, and the Japanese Used Car Export Business. If you want to talk to us directly please use the contact us page.