About USS Ninja Auction!

About USS Ninja Auction!

We are here to tell you all about USS Ninja Auction and why you need to consider it as your choice for car searching!

Searching car auctions are great

Most auction agents here in Japan and also across the world from Australia, Germany Poland, and other countries use a Russian sourced auction system that gathers all the data from Japanese auctions and compiles it.

They then format this data into a presentable form and it, in turn, is rented to these Dealers, Export Agents, Importers, Brokers, etc at a moderate monthly fee. This is great for us all as we get to sell cars and you the buyer get some of the best cars from Japan.

All the dealer needs is an empty URL and hey presto they have a website displaying cars from all auctions from Japan nationwide. The system works well and the data is copied close to verbatim.

There thats not so bad is it!

Looking at cars makes us all happy
Looking at cars makes us all happy

However there is a snag

Japanese car auctions are huge. It’s a monstrous machine that turns over 30,000 plus cars per day (conservative) which is fed from the Japanese car dealer network.

These car dealers normally belong to the large auction groups like JU Group, Mirive, CAA, and USS Japan. These auctions are mostly growing in size with USS Japan being the largest. As the years slowly move to buy it is actually swallowing the small auction houses to such an extent that it now controls close to 70% of all car auction activity in Japan. They have their own logistics centers and everything is automated. Dealers car join either USS CIS or USS Japan.

The snag

USS does not like to share their digital data with non auction members which includes you who are reading this now if you are a member of the general public or if you do not have an actual USS membership.

They do don’t want to share as the data belongs to them firstly and members of USS secondly. So any websites other than USS that displays their data is doing so without their express permission. So what they have done is encrypt their data so the Russians cant access it and display it on these websites any more and this means that you cant see it either.

Why are the doing this to me?

I know you think its crazy and so do we. We buy cars from them on your behalf and they get paid a fee everytime we buy a car, so why are they doing this?

USS Japan is simply so large they don’t need your business as much as you would love to think they do. They do want to be involved with the automotive export market, but on their terms only. Personally we this the alternative is kinda ok.

Introducing USS Ninja

USS Ninja is driven by USS CIS. Basically with this division of USS members are given a USB key which they use for searching, bidding, consignments, and now Ninja. This key is the member’s access point to USS overall. We have access to only a few keys and they are as precious as titanium (no you can’t have one)

Ninja allows the auction member to give their clients basic access to all USS cars from their nationwide network. You will see 6 to 20 photos of each car and the cars are loaded in real-time which means you will see them faster than your competition. This is great news for car sellers in today’s social networking sales system.

Faster is better / More pictures better / Better quality data

Only CIS Members

Ninja is available to CIS members only. They can buy seats at Ninja in blocks of 10 and have a total of 50 seats for their clients. That’s all they can have max which in essence makes Ninja quite exclusive as many agents still use the old USS Japan system that does not have a USB key and does not allow them to use Ninja.

The downside to Ninja is that its costly for the members to operate and they may ask a monthly fee that will vary from agent/member to member. So look around. Also note that these seats will often be leased so to speak to the customers who buy the most cars from the auction member.

My guy does not have Ninja

Many agents and brokers don’t have Ninja and cant provide these better quality and additional pictures to you the client. This will apply especially to brokers in countries outside Japan. The best thing to do in this instance is search our pages for a Japanese based auction agent that has Ninja. You can start that search here. Not only will you get direct service but you will ultimately save yourself some well earned dollars by going direct. We have nothing against brokers as they are valuable for the folk who need first hand support, however if you have the balls to try start your search here as Ninja awaits you.

Ninja USS Car Auction
Ninja USS Car Auction


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