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Firstly welcome to our website This page has been developed to give you the advertiser a clear understanding of our packages and services offered.

Our priority is to Japanese-based Dealers and exporters including Auctions Agents in the first instance. Now we can start explaining about our car dealer listing options available to our dealer advertisers.

About Advertising Here

We have provided 4 select advertising options for our advertisers listing starting with a free “Basic” option moving up to our “Premium” service. All products offer varying amounts of features that will promote your company on the web internet.

For example, each listing has what is known to internet geeks as Structured data or Rich Snippets. This is a must for any website wanting quality placements on Google’s pages and it’s unlikely that your own website has this feature as many webmasters are too lazy to include it. With us, it’s included in every package we offer. What does this look like?

Raw Snippets

On Google

Car Dealer Listings
Classic raw rich snippets

Car Dealer Listings
Your company on this website

What Does It Mean?

Every item you select in a package will be shown in the “Raw Snippet” which Google will reproduce and show on their search site as shown here “On Google” The better the Package you select like “Advanced or Premium” the more options are available for Google to crawl and display. It’s that simple and the website does it all for you.

What this means is that when someone searches your business there is a great chance that Google or Bing will show your website as shown above “On Google” if you use one of our packages for your dealer listing.

Look At These Items And See Why You Should Advertise.

  •  Duration: 365 days
  •  Map Display
  •  Contact Display
  •  Image Gallery
  •  Video
  •  Business Tagline
  •  Location
  •  Website
  •  Deals-Offers-Discounts
  •  Hide competitors Ads
  •  Events
  •  Bookings
  •  Claiming Available
  •  Company Motto
  •  Social Links
  •  FAQ
  •  Price Range
  •  Tags/Keywords
  •  Business Hours
  •  Languages Offered
  •  Timekit
  •  Menu
  •  Announcement

These items above will all be structured correctly and displayed on Google the way Google likes it.

My Website Is Already On The Internet

This is great and means that either you or your webmaster are doing a great job and your social ratings are good. It is however limiting to certain search terms and mostly only if customers search your name. Having all your company details on another portal like this will only help BOOST your overall ratings. Our fees are minimal and the advantages outway the disadvantages.

Ratings Count

Just having stock or having a cool website, being on Facebook is simply not enough in today’s modern and progressive internet-based social networking society. You need good data, information, and content all structured 100% correctly. We do this for you.

Which One Are You?

We have decided our listings into 5 different categories. When you select your package you can decide which category you want to belong to or select all. We check every new listing and if you have selected the wrong category we will change it for you so don’t worry.

Select Your Style

Car Dealer Listings
Select which category you belong too

Auction Agent

Based in Japan and buys from auction to order on a clients behalf. They must have auction access to some limited extent or more. Auction Agents can also buy from dealer stock in Japan. Note You Must Be Based In Japan and you must have auction access.

Car Dealer

This category is available to Japanese Car Dealers who carry stock only and does not provide an auction service as such to international clients. A car dealer has the option to export or not to export or simply advertise their business here. Japanese companies only.

Car Dealer & Auction Agent

This dealer listing is a mixture of both above. This dealer will have stock that may or may not be available for export as they see fit but will also buy cars from an auction to order on their client’s behalf. Listing applications will be accepted from Japanese based companies only.

Car Broker – Importer

This category is designated for all companies and websites not based in Japan. If you have a website that offers cars from Japan or you are associated with importing cars from Japan this category is based solely for you. Japanese-based companies cant select this category.

Other Services

Are you an importer or exporter of car parts and accessories from Japan? Do you deal in JDM or other aspects of the Japanese Auto scene? If this is you advertise here. Mechanical workshops, accessory companies, and design companies or? This is your category.

Select Your Package

Car Dealer Listings

We have arranged our packages to suit most clients’ needs. Obviously the more you require will be determined by the number of package options you select or need. Even our most elaborate package is more than affordable for everyone and the basic package is free.

Sign Up Today And Get Verified

Certified Japan Auction Trader
Certified Japan Auction Trader

NOTE* All applications will be checked for accuracy and integrity. If your application does not comply it will not be published. All Advertisers are required to have 2 years prior trading minimum.

I found this website very affordable by Japanese standards and the options available to me as an advertiser are awesome. It was easier than building my own website.

Satoshi Sugihara