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How To Use Our Car Dealer Listings For Buyers

Firstly What is A Dealer Directory?

Currently, in Japan, there is a glut of cars being exported globally from a generous if not unprecedented amount of Car Dealers, Auction Agents, and Car Broker Importers not only from Japan but from all corners of the world. The one major problem with this is that there is little consistency or policing on these exporters etc. So who are you really buying cars from?

Our car dealer directory pages aim to put some of this uncertainty to rest. Any dealer listing on our pages has gone through and passed a complete checklist that qualifies them to be listed on our pages. They must have a minimum of 2 years of trading and supply us with a company license ID and have a clean record on the internet before they are listed and verified.

Your Resposabilaty

We can only do so much and some of the checking and research must be done by you before you decide which dealer you want to do business with. Simply having cheap fees is ok but is the dealer Reputable.

Things to look for when picking your dealer.

  • Do they have a website
  • Is the website comprehensive
  • How long have they been trading
  • Who is the company representative
  • Do they look ok
  • How do you feel about them
  • Where are they based

Do your due diligence and we will do our part also. If you have any questions you can always contact us here and we will help.

Car Dealer Search
Find a trusted partner when buying cars from Japan

Its About Cars From Japan

It’s your choice ultimately who you decide will be your dealer or agent. Our focus is on supporting you and dealers who are based in Japan. You will also find car brokers and importers from countries outside of Japan like the UK, Australia, and Germany plus many more. We focus primarily on Japanese based dealers and auction agents as this is whom the website was primarily designed around. Cars from Japan are now at an all-time high for importing and we want to make sure that you the buyer have the best people to deal with.

A Huge Selection On Google

If you search Google for say a “Car Exporter from Japan” the results will be mind-boggling. You will be faced with 10 pages of results from this search term or others and a good 20% of the results will not be actual traders from Japan. This is not the result you as a buyer or cars from Japan wants. You need to know if the sellers are really from Japan and what do they actually specialize in. Will their field of expertise actually benefit you the buyer?

Select From 5 Categories

Car Dealer Listings + Rich Snippets

Japan Based Auction Agent

Based in Japan and buys from auction to order on a client’s behalf. They must have auction access to some limited extent or more. Auction Agents can also buy from dealer stock in Japan. Most Auction agents export cars. Select this category if auction buying is your thing primarily.

Car Dealer

This category is available to Japanese Car Dealers who carry stock only and does not provide an auction service as such to international clients. A car dealer has the option to export or not to export or simply advertise their business here. Japanese companies only.

Car Dealer & Auction Agent

This dealer listing is a mixture of both above. This dealer will have stock that may or may not be available for export as they see fit but will also buy cars from an auction to order on their client’s behalf. Listing applications are from Japanese based companies only.

Car Broker – Importer

This category is designated for all companies and websites not based in Japan. If the broker – importer has a website that offers cars from Japan or they are associated with importing cars from Japan this category is based for them. Japanese-based companies cant select this category.

Other Services

This advertiser is an importer or exporter of car parts and accessories from Japan. They may deal in JDM or other aspects of the Japanese Auto scene. If so they should advertise here. Mechanical workshops and design companies or accessory companies etc.

What To Look For

As we mentioned earlier, all of our dealer listings are checked for accuracy and past trading history. If a dealer-advertisers listing is approved by us the dealer will receive a verified badge token that looks like this.

Verified listing on
Verified listing on

Its not a large badge and its placed in the dealers listing profile page such as this dummy listing below.

This is your sign to look for when searching for a trusted dealer listing and possible future trading partner on our website.

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Great Service & Fantastic Idea that I have quickly maximised upon.

Mark Gibson – Importer from Canada