Ninja Access Application

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I know you may be wondering what the heck all this USS Ninja thing is and here we will do our best to briefly explain.

Japan Auto Auction Entry

As you are fully aware now, Japanese car auctions are the best and also the most plentiful of low cost, great condition cars. All these cars are available via the auction system here in Japan and there are quite simply, thousands of them. However to view them you need to have access to a supplier who can offer you full auction access.

Most dealers have a basic access point which is great but little slow-loading cars and cant actually show about 60% to 70% of the cars that are being auctioned.

Japan Car Auction Application
Japan Car Auction Application

The Missing Cars

These cars that are missing belong to USS Auction group and USS Auto Auction has a very unique service known as Ninja.

Here are some key features of Ninja and why you need it.

  1. See Cars Before The Competition
  2. Have Longer To Decide
  3. No Last Minute Dashes To Find Cars
  4. See Cars Before Your Agent Does
  5. Unique Access To You Only
  6. Full USS Access To All USS Auctions
  7. It Easy To Use
  8. Its Ninja Fast
  9. Much Clearer Pictures
  10. MORE PICTURES 6 to 20 Of Very Car

It’s vital today that you see cars going through the auction quickly and with as much data as possible. You can make choices and decisions plus research potential costings far earlier. The extra pictures also provide you with a far better overview of each car.

Applying for Ninja is easy

Ninja Comes At A Small Cost

Yes, afraid so. But maybe not always to you as a buyer but to the dealers. Each dealer who has Ninja must pay USS for this service and they are only provided with a select number of places for their buyers with a max of 50 per dealer. So Ninja in reality is an exclusive club if you want to see that extra 70% of cars at auction every day in Japan. (about 30,000 cars)

How Does It Work

Once you fill out the form provided below we will then send it out to the dealer who is offering the best current deals on Ninja access. Yes, you can go directly to a dealer here on the site but you won’t get the best deal as what we can secure for you.

Because we have the data or carrot we can push the dealer on your behalf for a good deal on your Ninja access. We will get back to you with 2 or 3 candidates we think are worthy of your business.

Please fill out the following form accurately as everything you write here will help us secure you with the best deal with access to Ninja. Please be accurate.
Only if you are a company
Only if you are currently buying
If you are just starting out. It can be 1 car or 100
Some dealers may accept a higher volume buyer with a zero value Ninja fee while others may not. Some will have many spots available and may offer Ninja for free but have higher fees overall. You can negotiate with them a little more after we have secured a reliable dealer for you. #Note Ninja is a monthly service and you need only pay for it for the time you use it and can cancel at any time.