So just what is a certified Japan auction trader?

In Japan like many other countries you have a group of specialized companies that form an old boys network for certain car dealers. In Japan, this is called Jagnet for the purpose of this article. Jagnet is great and if you pay your yearly fee you are guaranteed a spot on its website. However, they only service Sri Lanka, Pakistan & African regions predominately and they do not certify the dealers who join as long as they pay the yearly fee. We like Jumvia but we are certainly not sharing their ideas. Jagnet has a pretty goo rap but they don’t do a great deal honestly and serve to help themselves firstly

We are exporters and have been involved with exporting for a number of years, and yes we are one of many exporters on this website. However, we are not putting ourselves first and are just one of many other dealers that you will find here on the website. We decided upon this stance as we firmly believe that any company joining this website must meet the same high standards that we set for ourselves, so why should we take pole position so to speak as we are all equal. Go hard or go home we say!

Why did we take such a stance?

Recently our company director was contacted by a good client asking if he had heard of a company named “XYZ Imports” (fictitious name but true story) The client was interested in a car that XYZ Imports had in its auction page. Our director researched XYZ Imports and found the following.

  • XYZ Imports was based in Toronto Canada
  • They had sold cars on their website
  • These cars had already been auctioned
  • The cars prices had been raised by 150,000 JPY +
  • Clients are asked to pay a deposit
  • There are no pages on the website
  • They direct you by PDF
  • XYZ Imports is not in Japan
  • XYZ Imports is taking advantage of people
  • Fake cars and no information + not real auction agents

There are hundreds of companies out there like this so we decided to do something about it as there are no regulations governing who can and can’t start their own import-export business from Japan.

This was enough to wake us up and do something and here is the result

We want to be part of your safety net when buying cars from Japan
We want to be part of your safety net when buying cars from Japan


Any dealer joining our service will have to pass a series of small tests as well as have a clean record on the internet. They also must have a comprehensive website that offers support and many information pages. If all they are is a page with a bit of data leading to an auction link they won’t make it here. Any company like our dear friends at XYZ Imports won’t make it anywhere close to our listings pages.

  • Company directors id
  • 2 years trading
  • No evidence of underhanded trading
  • Clear internet history
  • Company registration
  • Comprehensive website with information pages
  • Japanese companies and international companies can list here
  • All information must match up.

It’s simple and no other Japanese-based car dealer network system is offering this type of protection for the car-buying public. Ultimately we are only as good as the information we are provided with and it’s still up to you as the vehicle buyer to do your due diligence before buying anything. But rest assured if the advertiser on our website has this certification they were 100% at the time they applied and we certified them.


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